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USYD Faculty of Law – FJMT


Had time for some cross training photographing the new USYD Law building.  For those that don’t know it, it used to be in the city, but has now relocated to the area between Fisher Stack and Carslaw.  I’m quite fond of this project having worked on the design competition entry, and now having the opportunity to photograph it as well.  A number of our former Story Photography clients have had some role in this project including Richard, Lina, Alison, Anthony and Daniel.  We’re really excited that our photography work will be published in a book to celebrate the opening of the building “In the realm of Learning”.

Photographing architecture requires patience, good planning, a good understanding of sunlight and materials and a good understanding of the scheme.

O Week was a real constraint and opportunity in terms of photography.  This shot was taken from someones office from Anderson Stuart.

The typical shot that has been rendered to death.  The light tower in the foreground is such an amazing and surprising architectural element.  Most students won’t know its function unless they’ve been shown down to the library.

Taken from the base of the light tower

The shadow of the light tower acts like a sun dial. A modern day pantheon for law students.

I thought the chair added a bit of stillness and contemplation to the image.

What makes the Law building so elegant and striking, is the huge amount of program that resides below grade.  These spaces have access to really nice light, as the above image shows.

This bridge sits on the axis with Anderson Stuart.  Its a very transparent architectural piece, that on the one hand looks back to the campus, and on the other hand views towards the city.

This shot looks at the base of the bridge, and its connection back to the main building.  The reflection of Anderson Stuart plays up well on the timber and glass.

I think this shot made the cover of the book.  My job was easy though, with the reflection of the light tower on the main facade being fragmented by the lovely timber louvres.

the character and appearance of the facade changes all the time.  Here some dramatic clouds are reflected on the glass.

the typical park shot.  Its resemblance to the competition renders is uncanny.

One thing architects don’t like is trees hiding their designs, but in this case its the tree that takes the stage.

The light tower stands out even more at night time.

There are 3 comments in this article:

  1. 8/03/2009Will say:

    I think either 4th or 5th photos are also potential cover material. Agree with your comment the chairs makes a photo a “story”photo! Well done!

  2. 9/03/2009Nikki say:

    Thanks for sharing that. Rog & I have walked past it several times discussing what we think of the function of the architectural features are, now you’ve enlightened us!

  3. 31/03/2009Rhonda Mason say:

    These are great shots. I especially like shots 2 to 6. I would put them on a book cover anyday.

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