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Hong Kong in 24 hours


Passing through HK after a work trip



from the big escalator behind central station





more effort than cooking itself


my favourite shopping street from when i was a student



One very long escalator in Langham Place Mong Kok


Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center by Daniel Libeskind



multi level schooling


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Eastwood is where we spend most weekends, not because of its physical beauty or its cultured lifestyle but because of its cheap food and cheap groceries. These are photos from a random shoot with friends

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Hong Kong


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Darling Walk – FJMT


Some quick shots of darling walk under construction.  An office building replacing the sega world site.  Hope to get some more polished shots when its complete.

view from the city

atrium space

Trademark Fjmt fins on the end of the building

had serious laundry issues after this shot was taken

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View from the office


The view from the office is usually quite spectacular, but today was something else

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Quick pics around Brisbane


After Christian and Charlenes wedding in brizzy, had a relaxing walk around with guys from church as we waited for our evening flight.  Was nice to whip out the 50 only and just focus on beautiful still objects.  Don’t get much chance to do this now.  One day I’ll find out the names of these plants.

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World Youth Day


Now that we have our blog up and running, its time to fill it with some content!  As we’re currently post processing wedding jobs, the next few posts will feature some of our favourite past pics.

World Youth Day – or week was a huge event that happened last year in Sydney.  It was so amazing to see the influx of pilgrims in the city.  I’m really interested by how events can change and define the character and appearance of places.

The view itself is typical Sydney, but the clouds add so much drama and intensity to the image.

Its amazing standing on the cahill expressway.  The best views are reserved for motorists!

The moment that stopped the nation!  Everyone was peering out from their windows and congregating along the waters edge to catch a glimpse of the travelling pope.  Although this made for a dramatic pic, the pope in his cruise boat did a quick 180 and headed to barangaroo.

The pope zooming past.  Everyone had some sort of camera on them for the shot.

Before and after the barangaroo events, all the pilgrims marched down George street waving and singing

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